Zabbix sizing

Zabbix, a good and extensive monitoringsystem, which is a great alternative to the well known monitoringsystems like Cacti and Nagios. In the beginning of building a monitoringsystem, there is always a bit planing before build it up and of course the sizing of the ressources. You can find the recommended values here: Zabbix Requirements

An also important and interesting thing ist the sizing of the database, which holds the configurations of zabbix and all values from the items we are going to monitor. In the company i work for, we are monitoring everything you can imagine, this cause a hugh amount of data. So i looked for a fast and easy way to get the recommended sizing of the database. So i developed a “ZABBIX-calculator” – Now we just put the items into the form and get all informations we need.
Here you can find my Zabbix DB Calculator, i have also a fancy excelsheet for you 🙂 Zabbix DB Calculator – EXCEL

I think i will add some more interesting article about zabbix in the future, so stay tuned. 🙂


    1. Hey Isseo,

      At the moment there is no need for that. The proxies are actually more or less used for transferring data only.
      In version 4.2 you can size them like the normal servers, cause they are doing much more then only transfer the data.

      Kind regards


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